Mar. 21st, 2010

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The anthology "A Brush of Wings" is being released tomorrow by Dreamspinner Press. Several works by various talented authors are included, and I am pleased to be among them.

Heart's Salvation


After losing his wife and daughter in a car accident, a distraught Nathaniel approaches the church for comfort, seeking the statue that is said to heal emotional distress. When the angel embodied in the statue feels the depth of Nathaniel’s pain, he makes the unusual decision to assume human form and comfort the grieving widower. But soon the angel must decide between returning to the statue to comfort others and retaining his humanity for the hope of love.


DAYS passed, and Nathaniel carried on as best he could after burying his wife and child. In the times when he felt the deepest despair, his heart was lightened by a happy memory. Sometimes a comforting presence filled the air, as if a guardian angel was watching out for him. It was during those moments that he thought of the handsome, dark-haired stranger with the kind eyes that seemed to see inside his very soul.

For all the shortness of their meeting, Nathaniel was enraptured with the being who had saved him. On the nights when he lay in bed unable to sleep, he tried to remember how the young man had come to be with him that night. All he could remember was looking up into placid eyes and the feeling of being safe. He couldn’t remember how he’d gotten home, though he assumed he’d walked, but he remembered that he’d awoken from a terrible nightmare with the man at his side. Some of the pieces just didn’t fit, and if he dwelt upon them too long, his head began to reel.

Days turned into weeks, which quickly turned into months, and Nathaniel’s hopes of seeing his savior angel again diminished until all that was left was a dull throbbing ache in his soul.

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Dreamspinner is having a release party at their blog. Please head over there to read excerpts from the rest of the authors' stories!


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